Bermuda Trekking Tours is established on the theme of introducing Ethiopia to the rest of the world by Bermuda Tadesse, He is a Tour Manager and a guide. He was experienced Tour Guide.  Bermuda Tadesse has led several independent and group tours to all the destinations in Ethiopia as per the clients specific needs among the wide range of tour activities.

Who we are

In a country like Ethiopia, where there are 85 ethnic groups with History aged 3000, its hard for one to claim as the best tour guide for all corners or one can only be his own destination expert so that, by Joining the fittest tour guides from different part of Ethiopia, Bermuda Trekking Tours provide tours to Ethiopia using best tour guides on their turf.

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About Services

In every destination, we have experienced local tour guides and drivers with an excellent up-to-date lines of communication. The service we provide ranges from budget to luxury tours. We pay the utmost attention to your interests and desires when we plan your tour to Ethiopia.